Ornament Stand

VRS Marking, founded in 1969 has grown to become a leader in the self-inked, rubber stamp arena. VRS Marking specializes in supplying realtors, small businesses, as well as banks, mortgage lenders and escrow companies with high quality, inexpensive rubber stamps. Being a small, family owned business we have created a company attitude that promotes customer service first. Listening to our customers and creating customized products to suit your needs has always been at the forefront of our growth. The PERFECT CLOSING GIFT is one idea that stemmed from customer requests. We heard over and over again how nice it would be to provide your client with a product they truly need at the time of closing and one that would continue to remind them of your fine service. The PERFECT CLOSING GIFT is truly a revolutionary marketing idea. However, without the help of our customers we could not have brought it to the market.

VRS MARKING is a California based business.