Ornament Stand

- Come enjoy our beautiful line of personalized beveled glass ornaments. Choose from 4 classic design shapes in Diamond, Round, Oval, & Star. Plus, our artists have come up with 6 festive holiday artwork prints laid out for each classic shape. In addition, we have selected 2 classic design shapes just for a picture of your clients. new home (Custom Photo). The Oval and Rectangular shapes display your clients. new home in a perfect beveled frame.

All holiday artwork and custom photos are highlighted with your clients. name. In addition, each beveled glass ornament provides our unique "soft spot" that creatively displays your "personalized" signature line, marketing message, or contact information. Make your customized ornament a gift to remember for any closing or that special 1 year anniversary reminder.

Each one our 4 classic design shapes are approximately 3.5 inches in diameter and weigh 3-4 oz. They come ready to hang with a beautiful gold ribbon. Remember, by making it "PERSONAL" you are giving a gift that lasts a lifetime.

- The PCG Beveled Glass Ornaments keep your name in front of your client. Different from the consumable gift, the beautiful PCG Home Decor line is durable, long lasting, and useful. Your "personalized" gift is perfect for any homeowner, business client, or friend.


The PCG Beveled Glass Ornaments are as low as $13.25 when purchasing 100 units. Imagine, a "personalized" gift that provides unlimited shelf life as a reminder of your fantastic service.