Subscription Agreement

Pricing: Subscription Plan members will be given the ten (10) unit price point for single purchases. Optional stamps require an initial set up fee of $45.00 (does not apply if you are already using PCG address stamps). Changes in stamp casing artwork will incur a $0.00 change fee.

3% Credit will be issued back to client’s Perfect Closing Gift account for all gifts purchased.

25% discount will be applied for all accessories purchased including, but not limited to, Custom Branded Gift Boxes, Display Easels, Dog Treats (not Dog Treat Jars).

Thank You Cards will be provided at no charge if ordered online at the time of redemption.

Shipping is paid at the time of gift purchase.

Shipping, Tax, Add-ons and stamp set up fees are not included in credit back calculation.

Credit is not redeemable as cash.

Pricing of closing gifts is subject to change without notice.

Gifts available for purchase are subject to change without notice.

Policies & Agreements: Customer pays a one-time charge of $49.95 for a one-year Subscription Plan membership with Perfect Closing Gift. Introductory Rate $24.95 for the first year.

Cancellation: After the initial commitment has been met (one year), customer may cancel the subscription plan with a 15-day written notice by emailing the accounting department at A confirmation email will be sent by Perfect Closing Gift that cancellation has been received. If no cancellation is received the plan will auto renew at the annual rate. To cancel early a $35 cancellation fee will apply.

Returns: Payments returned for any reason will incur a $15 return fee. It is your responsibility to keep your account information updated by contacting our accounting department.

Rate Change: Subscription plan rates are subject to change but only after the minimum commitment has been satisfied. Written notice via email thirty (30) days prior to any increase will be provided by PCG. It is your responsibility to update any change in email address to our accounting department.

Perfect Closing Gift: 567 Camino Mercado Ste. A, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
Accounting: 805-481-9787 x 108