Why include PCG address Stamps in your Gift Assortment?

The Classic & Monogram address stamps are great for every price point of home - everyone needs one. Our proprietary process allows us to put your marketing information permanently on the front of each stamp casing. And, since your client has a new home you know that they do not already have an address stamp. They will keep it and use it for years to come. That means when they are ready to move, they have easy access to your contact information, so they can use you again.


Here is a testimonial from one of our classic address stamp clients:

A past client contacted me to help them with their real estate needs. I had sold them their home 15 years previously. When I was meeting with the client, the wife commented on how she remembered me because every time she used her stamp, she saw my info on her return address stamper. I love these stampers. It's the best gift money can buy, and I can assure you they bring repeat business!
    C. DeLuca

There is a $45 graphic fee to develop the artwork for your stamp casing. But, if you ever need to update your artwork for any reason, as a subscription member you will never pay that again. Please, let us know if you would like to include stamps in your gift selection.

As always, thank you for your business. We truly appreciate your patronage.