Benefits of The Perfect Closing Gift

The greatest benefit of the PCG Home Décor Collection of Teak Cutting boards is your ability to improve the ROI on your marketing dollars by obtaining long term marketing exposure. The PCG Home Décor collection provides your client with a useful, personalized gift that keeps your name and contact information in front of your client on a daily basis. Moreover, because the marketing is subtle, this gorgeous, kitchen décor item will stay out on the client's counter when it is not in use - it won't be put away in a drawer! That means you have the opportunity to market to the client AND their friends and family. The combination of a beautiful, useful and custom-made gift maximizes the return on your marketing dollars for many years.

Each Teak Cutting board is a one of a kind product that looks fantastic in any kitchen. The rich wood grain is not only good-looking; but it is also durable. We take the extra step of laser engraving your personalized monogram on the font of each board. And, we engrave your custom name and message to your client on either the font or back of the board (your preference).

Remember, by making it "PERSONAL" and "USEFULL" you are giving a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Why The Perfect Closing Gift?

The success of a closing gift or thank you gift is based on your client loving it, keeping it and using it regularly; and, in so doing, remembering the excellent job you did working with them. The PCG Home Décor Teak Cutting board fulfills all of these requirements. First, Teak is an attractive, sustainable, luxurious wood that will be used and appreciated in the most important room of the house, the kitchen. Second, since each Teak cutting board is monogrammed with your client's name they will keep it forever. And, Teak cutting boards are functional, used every day for food preparation. Finally, your name and thank you message will always remind your client of your service and encourages repeat business and referrals.

A great closing gift is all about your CLIENT and YOU. Remember, consumable gifts (gift cards, food and wine) are appreciated and then forgotten. Clients may enjoy them for the moment. But, they don't do anything to enhance you future business. But, a beautiful Teak cutting board is appreciated, used daily and will be at your client's fingertips for years building repeat business opportunities.

Your "personalized" gift is perfect for any homeowner, business client, or friend.

How is the Perfect Closing Gift Personalized for You....And Your Customer?

Personalized for Your Customer: Teak Cutting Boards allow you to distinctively add your client's name in 6 different monogram formats. If desired, you can include information such as established date, anniversary date or address.

Personalized for You: The PCG Teak Cutting Board allow you to include your name and marketing message either on the front or the back or each board.

What is Charter Membership and How do I order my cutting boards or ONLINE - One unit at a time?

The "Charter Membership" is your online order page that allows you to redeem your inventoried Teak Cutting boards or one at a time. Your online order page is accessed with your individual Username & Password via our PCG web site. Your custom online order page lets you customize any one of our trendy monogram designs with your client's name and your custom message and signature line. In addition, you can check your inventory quantity, track past orders, and select where you want the cutting boards shipped. Customized gifts can be sent to you or direct to your client.

Perfect Closing Gift Pricing

Qty: 5 10 20 30 50 100
Unit Price: $54.95 $49.95 $48.85 $47.80 $46.75 $45.95
Total Due: $274.75 $499.50 $977.00 $1434.00 $2337.50 $4595.00

California residents need to add 7.75% sales tax.
Shipping Costs are paid each time you redeem your Cutting Board. (What's This?)

Frequently asked questions:

What is Charter Membership - "Charter Membership" grants you access to your online order page. Your order page is Username & Password protected and allows you to redeem your inventoried Perfect Closing Gift products one at a time. You can also track inventory and review order history.

How long is my inventory good for?
The initial purchase of any PCG product has an inventory life of 18 months from the date of payment. An Inventory Maintenance Fee (IMF) will be charged to reactivate your account for any unused inventory after the initial 18 month period. If you opt to reactivate your account and extend the life of your inventory the Inventory Maintenance Fee is $25.00 per year. $25.00 will be charged for every year that the inventory remains idle. If you add any additional closing gifts to your account, the 18 month inventory expiration we restart on the date of the new transaction. Inventory Maintenance Fee is subject to change without notice.

Do we offer bulk shipping?
No. Due to UPS's way of calculating shipping price, there is little to no financial benefit to grouping items together in one package. (Read More)